Self-Serve Access to Live, Qualified and Targeted Trademark Applicant Leads

Assigned Office Actions, Renewals & New Applicants + No Legal Representation = Quality Leads

At LegalSheets, our filtering engine identifies initial trademark leads upfront by narrowing down the applicants that have assigned office actions, pending renewals or have applied for new trademarks. In addition, we also know which ones have legal representation and which ones don't. As a result, we provide leads that do not have an attorney on record. These prospects may need to respond with professional legal representation or they could face grounds for rejection. Our unique data algorithms and integration engine, combined with our analytics platform syncs up with key USPTO databases, where we consume, compile, integrate, analyze, identify patterns in real-time and present leads to you in a self-serve intuitive interface. We empower you by providing real-time 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.

Superior Feature Functionality

Simple & Intuitive

On-Demand Access 24/7
Cloud-based - no software installation required
Real-time qualified USPTO trademark leads
User friendly spreadsheet design
Filter and find active targeted trademark leads
Sort by office action, dates, status, serial number, etc.
Customize your content using sorting & filtering tools
Hide columns and re-order with drag and drop 
More insight to leads with dymanic charts and graphs
Links to USPTO online records for more detailed info
Generate digital marketing & mailing lists
Get unlimited export and downloads
Access from your desktop, mobile or tablet device
Secure checkout / Cancel Anytime
Search Renewal Notifications
Search New Applicants
Filter By Notice of Allowances
New Risk Free 14 Day Trial / No Credit Card Required


User Friendly Spreadsheet Layout
Simple Spreadsheet Design. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Friendly

Column Sorting & Filtering

Filter Leads By Office Action
  Non Final
  Notice of Allowance
Filter Leads by Renewals & New Applicants
Track Leads by Status Code
  Dead / Abandoned
       600 | Incomplete Response
       602 | Failure to Respond to Late Notice
       606 | Abandoned - No Statement of Use Filed
       607 | Abandoned - Defective Statement of Use
  Live / Pending
       641 | Non Final Action - Mailed
       645 | Final Refusal - Mailed
       649 | Action Continuing Final - Mailed
       656 | Examiners Amendment / Priority Action Mailed
       658 | Priority Action Mailed
       660 | Subsequent Final Mailed 
       745 | Statement of Use - Informal - Letter Mailed
       779 | Opposition Sustained
       801 | Opposition Papers Filed
       802 | Request for Extension of Time to File Opposition
       807 | SU - Non-Final Action - Mailed
       809 | SU - Final Refusal - Mailed 
       813 | SU - Action Continuing Final - Mailed
       817 | SU - Notice of Unresponsive Amendment - Mailed
       821 | SU - Examiners Amendment / Priority Action Mailed
       823 | SU - Priority Action Mailed
       825 | SU - Subsequent Final Mailed 
  Live / Registered
       700 | Registered 
       701 | Section 8 - Accepted 
       702 | Section 8 & 15 - Accepted & Acknowledged 
       703 | Section 15 - Acknowledged 
       704 | Partial Section 8 Accepted 
       705 | Partial Section 8 & 15 Accepted & Acknowledged 
       706 | Section 71 Accepted 
       707 | Partial Section 71 Accepted 
       708 | Partial Section 71 & 15 Accepted & Acknowledged 
       739 | Section 71 & 15 – Accepted & Acknowledged 
       780 | Cancellation Terminated 
       790 | Cancellation Pending 
       800 | Registered & Renewed 
Field Selection
  Customize your views by selecting the fields you want, apply filters to multiple fields, sort column orders, etc. by applying actions to:
  Serial Number
  Notice Date
  Renewal Deadline
  Registration Date
  Last Renewal Date
  Filing Date
  Trademark Name
  Status Code
  Mark Type
  Office Action
  Correspondent Name
  Correspondent Alternative Name
  Correspondent Address
  Correspondent Phone
  Correspondent Email
  Party Name
  Party Type
  Party Country
  Party Postal Code
  Party State
  Party City
  Party Address
  Legal Entity Type
Direct PDF Downloads & Links to USPTO Data
  Mark Information
  Related Properties Information
  Good and Services
  Base Information (Case Level)
  Current Owner(s) Information
  Attorney / Correspondence Information
  Prosecution History
  Internal Registration Information (Section 66a)
  TM Staff and Location Information
24/7 Access

About Us

LegalSheets is a division of GEOI Solutions, LLC. with our head operations based out of the Raleigh, NC Research Triangle area.

GEOI offers technology solutions and critical competencies to companies and organizations of all types (both public and private). However, at LegalSheets, our core mission and focus is to provide technology solutions designed specifically for legal professionals just like you. We have a great team of scientist, technologist and software engineers to empower our users with the latest advancements in SaaS technology. We deliver critical business intelligence and data analytics that enable you to explore data and information in real time. Our solution allows for the integration of structured and unstructured data from a diverse range of sources. In short, we simplify the complexity by presenting information to you in a simple, intuitive and familiar interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Trademark Lead?
Does Trademark Leads provide leads for all 50 states?

Yes. We cover USPTO leads in all 50 states. In addition, we also provide access to international trademark applicant leads processed through USPTO.

Do I need to subscribe to each state independently?

No. Trademark Leads grants you access to all of our active USPTO leads in every US State, including international leads. If users are only interested in applicant leads from specific states, they can select only the states they need by filtering this and other fields in the column filter tool.

Is there a limit on how much data we can access for a day?

No. We do not impose any data limitations on our users.

Is there a limit on data downloads?

No. We do not impose any download limitations on our users.

Can I import leads directly into other software?

Yes. You can filter down the leads and contacts you want and export them into an industry standard .CSV file format. Once downloaded, you can directly import that data into your favorite spreadsheet, direct mail, digital e-marketing, mail merge or legal software.

Does Trademark Leads directly market to prospects?

No. The Trademark Leads application is not a direct marketing tool, nor does it directly contact or solicit trademark applicants through the online software service. Once the user exports or downloads leads and contact data from Trademark Leads, it is incumbent on each user to follow all applicable federal, state, local and jurisdictional rules as it pertains to direct contact with potential customers.

How many months worth of data do I have access to?

At any given time, you'll have access to 3 months of data spanning the past 90 days. Users can adjust and filter leads by using the calendar selection tool. Due to the dynamic nature of the USPTO data, our engine processes leads up to the previous 48 hour cycle.

What if I want to obtain leads for more than 90 days?

Historical data older then 90 days is not accessible through the online application. However, in special circumstances, we can work with you to provide additional extended historical data as requested via our professional services. Please contact us at LegalSheets and a representative will work with you to fulfill your request.

What is your subscription cancelation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you are an active subscriber, you will be responsible for the full subscription fee in the monthly billing cycle in which you cancel. Once an account has been billed, all sales for that cycle are final and there are no refunds. Users still have full access to their account until the end of the current subscription period. To cancel or manage your subscription, please go to your "My Account | Manage Subscription". Here you will find tools to manage, modifiy and view account and billing information, including the ability to view the current billing cycle information. Users that wish to cancel, will be prompted to confirm cancellation. Be sure to continue processing your cancellation until you receive the final confirmation message. Your subscription will not be cancelled until you have reached this confirmation message. Your cancellation will be effective on the next billing cycle and you will no longer be billed for recurring subscription payments.

Does the trial version have any limitations?

Yes, we do offer our 14 day trial user the full experience with a few limitations. Trial limitations include view only access to the past 7 calendar days with no download functionality. Subscribers have full access to 90 calender days with unlimited downloads. As a trial user you still have unlimited 24/7 access to view all leads for 14 days.

Do you provide annual subscription pricing?

No. We currently offer only month to month subscriptions.

Do you provide enterprise site licensing?

Site Licensing is currently available for legal firms with 5 or more subscribers. To learn more or to receive a quote, please contact us at LegalSheets and a representative will work with you to fulfill your request.

How many sessions can be active for the same account?

We allow 1 active session per account. You can access the application from numerous devices, but not at the same time (i.e., desktop, mobile and tablet). Users are prompted to log out of an existing active session in order to activate a new one.

Is Trademark Leads available as a stand alone mobile app?

Trademark Leads is a mobile friendly browser app. The current version is a cloud-based browser application compatible with all desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. Stay tuned for future updates and releases as our team is working to release new apps to subscribers via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Do I need to install anything on my computer or mobile device?

No software installation required. The current version of Trademark Leads is browser compatible, tested and supports all widely adopted modern desktop, tablet and mobile browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Please note: Some versions of Internet Explorer are not supported


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